Custom Cabinets

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Add value to your home with Welcome Construction, Inc. Starting with the Custom New Home Builds, Home Improvement Services, and finally ending with Luxury Home Coverage! Is there something you have in mind when you are looking to build your own home from the ground up? Do you have a style, design, or an idea of what you want your home to look like? This will help us build a wonderfully beautiful home that is fully customized to the ideas, thoughts, or images you have in mind.

New Home Builds

Welcome Construction, Inc is here to help you custom build your dream home, the way that you wanted it designed. There are so many options to go through when it comes to building your own home. This is why we are here to guide you through each step of the process to ensure your home is built to every specification. There are things like what kinds of cabinets are you looking for? Where is the location you have in mind for your home? How many bedrooms or bathrooms? How big of a garage are do you want? What style do you want your kitchen and dining areas? Each home will be customized specifically to the way you want! Our specialty is to help you bring your ideas to life!

Home Improvement Services

Imagine having your dream kitchen come to life in your own home! With Welcome Construction, Inc, we are the kitchen and bathroom remodeling company you’ve been searching for to provide an elegant look to the home! Whether you want to upgrade the kitchen cabinets, add an island, change the flooring, or even add some fixtures, we can do it! Do you want to add some backsplash, get a new countertop, or even change out the faucet in the kitchen? Welcome Construction, Inc specializes in helping your kitchens renewal! If your bathroom is in need of a new vanity, mirrors, flooring, shower or bathtub, can do it! The bathroom remodeling specialists can give your bathroom a whole new feel to it!

Luxury Home Coverage

It doesn’t matter if this is your first Luxury Custom Home Build, Welcome Construction, Inc is the company that will give you the home that is desired. There should be an idea of what you want the house to be built like? Do you want a 1, 2 or a 3 story house? What is the layout of your home? Is there an Outdoor Living Area you want to have added as well? What type of flooring do you desire? Carpet, hardwood, or even tile flooring? There is no limitation to what we can do, every detail matters starting from the fixtures, to the type door knobs you are looking to have! We can make your dream home come to life, all you have to do is give Welcome Construction, Inc a call today!

If you have additional questions regarding our services or if you would like to schedule a free in home consultation, please give us a call at 360-815-4747.